What is Tracktl ?

Tracktl is an interactive music solution for parties and events.

Collaborative Playlist

Users create a shared playlist together from their phones or tablets.

Interactive Screen

Users and their interactions are displayed live in a visual way on a screen.


Tracktl is a smart and autonomous music service for every kind of situation.

No more musical stress

You do not need to fight around the computer anymore : everybody can take part in the playlist and suggest tracks to play from his phone.

A playlist that settles everything

Sick of playing the same old playlist during your parties ? You do not have the time or the wish to create a new one : get assisted by your guests !

Break the ice

By displaying the playlist on your TV, your party success is guaranteed : your guests will have fun by running after votes and flirting on the social wall.

‘‘@tracktl or how to stop fighting around the speakers.’’


‘‘I don’t even know why nobody has thought about it sooner !’’


‘‘Your service @tracktl is simply awesome !!!’’


‘‘My friends, I am telling you : @tracktl sounds fucking good.’’


‘‘This is what I will use for my 30 years old birthday.’’


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