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Professional podcast design


Why create a business podcast ?

Make information accessible

From a phone, a computer, in the subway, in your car, podcasts can be listened to everywhere, at any time

Facilitate information assimilation

Podcasts are a passive and dynamic communication channel which allows your collaborators to listen and do another activity at the same time

Diversify your information channels

Offer several communication medium to touch as many collaborators as you can and create transversal communication

Create bonds between your collaborators

Podcasts allow a warmer communication thanks to the use of voice and engage your collaborators around the information

Tracktl supports you at every step of your project:


Briefing, choice of type of podcast, writing


Recording, editing, sound design


Secure podcast broadcasting platform, upload to streaming platforms
Personne qui écoute une webradio sur son ordinateur

Design of your podcasts

Design is the key step in creating a podcast. Our editorial team supports you in all stages of this creative process.

Depending on the subject to be addressed and your target, we advise you on the format to adopt (story, interview, program, etc.), on the recommended duration and on the channels of distribution to choose. These elements are essential in order to guarantee a good audience rate.

We want to support you to best meet your needs while providing you with the benefit of our expertise and advice.

Production of your podcasts

The production includes all the steps necessary to put your podcast online according to your needs: voice recording, cleaning, editing, sound design, jingle creation, mixing, mastering.

In your offices, a sound engineer travels with all the necessary equipment to take the sound. Or remotely, via software, the Sound team performs the voice recording.

The editing is carried out by our technicians as well as the sound design with iterations to have your validation at each step.

It is possible to create a tailor-made sound identity (introductory, background and out-production music), in the image of your company.

Broadcast of your podcasts

For external use, we take care of making your podcasts available on all streaming platforms: Spotify, Deezer etc …

For internal use, you can also use our podcast broadcasting platform. For the administrator, the platform allows easy and secure podcast management. For the user, it allows easy access and listening on demand.

What our customers say about us:

“The podcast is the perfect channel of communication and information !! At Crédit Agricole Center Loire, we have chosen to take the "Voie de la Voix" to inform all of our employees and offer them a collaborative tool to facilitate cross-functional communication!”

CélineRP Communication Crédit Agricole Centre Loire

“With the Social Hub we use Tracktl on a daily basis. Employees can choose music from a curated catalog throughout the day, as well as upload photos instantly. This allows a real moment of sharing and conviviality. We love the concept!”

MarieHub Manager Sodexo

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